• Harassment in the Workplace - Hospitality

    To prevent and more effectively respond to sexual harassment.

  • Harrassment in the Workplace - Health Care

    Sexual harassment remains a persistent workplace issue.

  • Sexual Harassment in Australia
  • Harassment in the Workplace - Report

    Sexual harassment report released.

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    Contribute to improved policy and practice in workplaces.

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    Identify the impact of sexual harassment on those exposed to it.

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    Impacts of sexual harassment are wide ranging.

Outcomes &

Grantor: Australian Research Council Discovery Grant (2010-2012).
Investigators: Prof. Paula McDonald (Queensland University of Technology) & Assoc. Prof. Sara Charlesworth (University of South Australia).

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What’s Happening?

February 17, 2015
The Fair Work Commission has ruled that the dismissal of an employee for groping...
July 21, 2014
The Victorian Civil & Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) has cancelled a solicitor’s practising certificate for...
July 21, 2014
The Federal Court has increased a former Oracle manager’s overall damages award from $18,000.00...
May 26, 2014
The Australian Human Rights Commission, the Australian Council of Trade Unions and the Australian...

About the Project

Despite legal prohibition, sexual harassment is a persistent workplace issue with considerable costs for individuals and organisations. Yet there remain significant gaps in knowledge about effective prevention and responses to the problem. This research project draws on a multi-method approach to investigate the various manifestations of sexual harassment across a range of workplaces contexts. It also examines organisational and institutional understandings and responses to workplace sexual harassment and the longer term impacts for individual ‘targets’. Specifically, the project aims to:

  1. Better understand the contexts and the factors that shape individual and organisational understandings of sexual harassment as a workplace issue
  1. Assess the impact of the legal prohibition of workplace sexual harassment on the patterns of conduct which occur and the range of organisational responses to the problem
  1. Identify the impact of sexual harassment on those exposed to it, including their experiences and responses and longer term employment and wellbeing outcomes
  1. Contribute to improved policy and practice to prevent and respond to sexual harassment, by workplaces and human rights and other bodies.

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